A New Barovia

Strahd is gone, and the curse is lifting from the land. The Amber Temple still requires investigation, but that is for another day.

The team fought valiantly, and they're making productive use of their down time.

Cat and Atticus have started a family and both have lofty goals: reclaiming the abbey, mending the Estate of Lord Argonyvost, raising their kids, and reforming Barovia.

Seph is working as the Justicar of Vallaki, a job he takes with utmost pride and seriousness.

Luke is studying furhter magic and attempting to acquaint himself with Annabelle; Lyra is helping.

Lyra is repairing what she can as a Blacksmith of Vallaki, helping to arm the people, before she ventures off to find her childhood love.

But perhaps, the team has time for another adventure.

Next Game: Reunion Soon?